EMS Policies

These Region 11 Chicago EMS System Protocols, Policies, and Procedures for EMTs and Paramedics are prehospital medical guidelines for patient assessment, treatment, and transportation within the system.  They provide a framework for all patient encounters and Online Medical Control should be consulted in situations where there is not clear direction from the written documents.

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EMS Staffing
Call Disposition
Initiation of Patient Care
Determination of Death / Withholding of Resuscitative Measures
Termination of Resuscitation
Advanced Directives
Consent & Refusal of Service
School Incidents
Reporting Abused or Neglected Patients
Guidelines for Preventing Disease Transmission
Physician or Nurse on Scene
Crime Scene Response
Large Gatherings & Special Events
Use of Controlled Substances
Conveyance of Patients
Management of Multiple Patient Incidents


Patient Transport – Private Ambulance Provider
Patient Transport – Chicago Fire Department
Trauma Patient Triage and Transport
Transport of Patients with Suspected Acute Stroke
Transport of Patients to a STEMI Center
Transport of Cardiac Arrest Patients
Obstetrical Patient Transport
Transport of Patients with a Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)
Transport of Veteran Patients to Veterans Affairs Medical Centers
Suspected COVID-19 Patient Triage and Transport
Transport of Patients with Suspected Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)
Helicopter EMS Utilization (HEMS)
Critical Airway
Interhospital and Interfacility Transfer
Notification and Monitoring of Hospital Resource Limitation & Ambulance Bypass
Response to a System-Wide Crisis within the Chicago EMS System


Documentation Requirements
EMS System Inventory Inspection Policy
Confidentiality of Patient Records


Continuing Education Testing
EMS Lead Instructor
IDPH EMS Continuing Education Relincensure Recommendations
Out-of-System Continuing Education



Resource Hospital Base Station Override
ECRN and Physician Backup
Participating Hospital Responsibilities
Recognition, Rerecognition and Suspension of ECRNs and ECPs


IDPH Waiver Provision
Request for Clarification (RFC)
Medical Device Reporting
Protocol for Resolving Regional or Inter-System Conflict
EMS System Quality Improvement & Assurance Program