EMS Drug, Equipment, and Supply List (DES)

Replacement of Drugs, Equipment and Supplies

Each Participating Hospital is required to replace all drugs, supplies and exchange equipment as designated by the Region 11 EMS Drug, Equipment and Supply and List (DES). This includes the replacement of drugs and supplies for non-transported termination of resuscitation patients that would have otherwise been transported to the hospital. Failure to replace will result in an administrative fee in addition to the cost of the item. All exchange items should be made immediately available to EMS personnel so as not to delay their return to service. Approval of similar type of equipment must be made by the EMS Medical Directors Consortium.

Controlled Substances

Each Participating Hospital shall keep a controlled substance log. The log should document: patient’s name, ambulance name and number, paramedic’s name, drug used, dosage, etc. Each Participating Hospital shall accept any excess of controlled substance from ambulance personnel and dispose of it according to existing hospital and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) policy. Upon proof of use, each participating hospital will then replace the controlled substance to the ambulance personnel.

Please refer to the Participating Hospital Responsibilities Policy for more information.

Please click here to download the Region 11 EMS Drug, Equipment and Supply List (DES).